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Dianabol 50mg

Dianabol 50mg

50 mg/tablet | 50 total tablets

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Dianabol 50mg

Description: Methandienone (a.k.a. Methandrostenolone) in a pressed tablet application. Dianabol’s primary development purpose very early on was for performance enhancement. The goal was to create a steroid that could equal or better testosterone’s anabolic properties, while having a less androgenic effect. Dianabol ultimately ended up being up to twice as anabolic as regular testosterone, while its androgenic rating is about half that of testosterone. Dianabol is famous for being able to give you impressive muscle gains within a few short weeks. For this reason, bulking is the main use of Dianabol. Strength gains are the other main benefit of Dianabol, and they can be significant gains in strength that come on within the first days of a cycle.

Dose: 50 mg/tablet | 50 total tablets

Effective Time: 4.5 - 6 hours

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