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GenliPharma Gentropin 210iu HGH (30iu/vial)

GenliPharma Gentropin 210iu HGH (30iu/vial)

210iu/box | 30iu/vial

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GenliPharma Gentropin 210iu HGH (30iu/vial)

Description: Human Growth Hormone as lyophilized powder for reconstitution and injection. This product conveniently comes with bacteriostatic water for reconstitution, 7 vials for each of the 7 vials of HGH. HGH is used by both men and women, with virtually the same benefits and side effect profile, to improve body composition and muscle growth, to aid in healing and recovery, to improve athletic performance and for anti-aging effects.

Dose: 210iu/box | 30iu/vial

Effective Time: 9 - 17 hours

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